M.D, Internal Medicine and Obesity Specialist

Dr. Vishnu Subramani


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Dr. Vishnu Subramani, a distinguished figure in the medical field, has dedicated his career to internal medicine and obesity treatment. Born in Evanston, IL, he continues to make significant contributions to the healthcare industry.

He graduated from medical school in 2001 and completed his residency in Internal Medicine in 2004 at the University of Chicago/Louis Weiss in Chicago. Armed with a solid educational foundation, he embarked on a journey to serve his community through medical practice.

He has treated thousands of patients throughout his career, specializing in obesity and internal medicine. His approach to patient care has yielded remarkable results, with many experiencing significant weight loss and improved overall health. He finds fulfillment in addressing the complexities of his patients’ medical histories, employing his expertise to enhance their well-being.

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